First look at John Constantine as the crew of the pilot show their Slates for Sarah

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Official photo of Matt Ryan as John Constantine for the new TV show.

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Roses are red

Violets are blue


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The only frozen heart around here is yours.

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Movie: Hot Fuzz
Location: Wells, UK (on Google map)

Oh no! We definitely should’ve had more time (and daylight!) to spend in this town. A pretty, pretty place and so many scenes to shoot. Hoping we’ll get to go back some day. A summer day would be nice!

We recommend visiting this village to those who like Hot Fuzz, small pretty villages & magnificent old buildings to lay their eyes upon. Just check out the Bishop’s Palace and their Cathedral on Wells’ website and you know what we’re talking about.

If you like our sceneframing photos, you can check ou all the other tv shows and movies we’ve covered so far, and support our crowdfunding campaign

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Wouldn’t Prince Hans’ Betrayal be yummy as a chip? The ingredients are Pain, Suffering, and Evil.

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i didnt do anything for my follower milestone a while ago and i had some extra merch so here be my first giveaway for being such excellent beings and keeping me company on this gross website ♥

giveaway items(all hobbit merch yum yum):

  • fold out portrait of the master of laketown from the dos chronicles, about a3 size when folded out
  • homemade ‘the hobbit’ text badge (the pin isnt stuck down and moves about a bit bc still experimenting with making em but still works fine)
  • hobbit sticker (9cm across)
  • set of dos stamps on commemorative envelope thingy ((the stamps themselves cant be used, theyre already stuck down but good for displaying))

rules and thingies:

  • likes and reblogs count but pls dont spam your followers, no giveaway blogs thenk
  • would be rad if you were but you dont have to be following mee
  • will ship worldwide 
  • will pick the winner using random number generator on feb 14, 8pm hong kong time 

have a nice hobbity day~


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